What the hell are these strange things?

A group of Russian scientists have announced that a mysterious object known as the kalimbba musical-motor instrument has been spotted on the Moon.

The strange objects have been found in various locations on the surface of the Moon and are believed to have been created by a meteor shower, according to scientists from the Roscosmos Institute for Space Research in Moscow.

The instruments are believed “to be created by the collision of large meteors from the solar system with meteoroids from a faraway region”, according to the team.

Scientists believe the objects are made up of a combination of metals, glass, plastics and organic materials and were created by “a meteor impact that occurred between Mars and Jupiter” during a period of meteor activity.

Researchers from the University of Alaska Fairbanks said the object “appears to be made of a solid, metallic alloy and probably of some kind of mineral”.

They added that the kalambezi instrument has “very high mechanical strength” and “a very large diameter”.

The researchers believe the object could be from “a comet or an asteroid” or from the “other side of the solar System”.