Walmart’s Guitar Musicians Will Soon Have to Get their Own Video Games

A few weeks ago, the music video for the new album by Hawaiian instrumental music band, the Walmarts, was released.

The video was a showcase for the band’s new song “Aquarium.”

It’s the first of a series of videos that the band has been putting together for the video game The Aquarium, in which players must navigate an aquarium filled with different kinds of animals.

The band also created an animated version of the video for its “Climax” video.

The game is available now on iOS and Android.

The band, which has released four studio albums since 2009, has had a long and successful career, but its new album is the first time the band is releasing its music on video.

“Aquaria” is available to purchase on both Xbox Live and Apple Music, though it’s not currently on any major streaming services.

“Crawl” is also available on Xbox Live.

In addition to the music videos, the band also has a new album called “Babysitters.”

It is scheduled for release on August 14.

You can stream the album and other band music on Bandcamp.