The Kawai Music Instruments Amplifiers (kawamobile) are back!

This article first appeared on the US website of the Japanese company Kawai Musical Instruments.

Read the original article Japanese audio equipment giant Kawai has announced the return of the Kawai-Kawai Musical Instrument Amplifiers, or kawamobiles, in Japan. 

The new amplifiers are built on Kawai’s new series of amplifiers called the KX2.

The new amplifier series will be launched in Japan on March 15.

The new KX amplifiers use a pair of Yamaha KX-2000 series amplifiers and are powered by a 2.8-volt DC power supply.

The power output ranges from 50W to 200W.

The KX series amplifier is based on the same Yamaha series as the Kawamobile and the K-series amplifiers.

The KX amps can produce a wide range of tone levels from low to high.

These amplifiers feature a dual-stage effect transformer that uses a large inductor to direct the output power to the speaker.

The amplifier can also deliver a maximum output of around 500W.

The amplifier is designed for the most demanding sound design needs.

The high-output amp features a dedicated high-pass filter for very wide frequencies, a headphone output for low-level listening, and a low-noise speaker output for a more traditional audio experience.

The kawai-kawailu series amplifier series is known for its quality sound quality.

The company has also released its latest and most powerful amplifiers the Kx2 and Kx3, which use Yamaha’s new and improved P3 series amplifers.