Indian music instruments to be made in India, say music industry

A major Indian music instrument manufacturer has announced plans to build a factory in India that would produce some 1,500 instruments, including the popular Sangeetha, a musical instrument made in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

The announcement, made in a blog post on Wednesday by Sangeeshwari Sonam, CEO of Natura, India’s leading producer of Indian instrument manufacturing, was seen as a clear indication of how the Indian economy is expanding, as it boosts demand for more Indian-made musical instruments.

Sonam said Naturae will supply instruments to the world’s largest music festivals and concerts.

The Indian music industry, which is the worlds largest, has long been dominated by India-made instruments.

But Sonam has said the industry is growing faster than any other in India.

The new plant in the state of Gujarat will be the largest plant in India and will produce about 1,600 instruments, Sonam wrote.

The first factory in Gujarat will begin production in 2021, he wrote.

“We are excited to launch this factory in our home state of India, a country that is home to the largest musical festivals and music concerts in the world,” Sonam told Reuters.

The move to make instruments in India follows other steps the Indian government has taken to promote manufacturing, including a push to build the countrys largest steel factory, as well as a recent move by the government to ease visa restrictions.

“Indian manufacturing is growing at double digits and it is our duty to continue it,” Sonum said in the blog post.

“As the global manufacturing market expands, it is imperative to make India’s production a priority and to increase production capacity,” he added.

Sonum, a veteran of India’s garment industry, said his company is focused on making instruments that are affordable and easy to manufacture.

The instruments, which can be made by cutting a piece of cloth and assembling it into a unique shape, are used in many countries, including India.

“Our instruments are popular among musicians and dancers because they are so simple to play and have a beautiful sound,” Sonamas said.

“This instrument has become a must-have instrument for musicians, singers and dancers around the world.”

The company will build a manufacturing facility in the central state of Karnataka and will also make the instruments available to festivals in India from 2019.

Sonameh said that the new factory will also produce instruments for other musical genres, such as folk music, rock, jazz, reggae, rockabilly and country.

Sonampatnam, which also makes the Sangeetham, said it is also planning to invest $100 million to expand its manufacturing capacity in India in 2018.

“Today, we have over 100 employees in India working on our instrument manufacturing business, and we are planning to open new plants,” Sonampetnam wrote.