How to play rock and roll on a smartphone

A few months ago, I took my iPhone 4S to a local music store to try out a new toy.

It wasn’t a game, mind you, it was an instrument, a drum.

It was a drum that played the song “Rock Band.”

It was an exciting experience, and I felt like a kid again.

And then, last week, I got an email from my local Apple Store: a message from Apple that a friend had received.

The friend was an employee at the store, and he wanted to share with me how his new Apple Music app worked.

This is how he described it to me.

The first thing you do is you set up your Apple Music account.

I’ll explain what you do here, but you do that on your Apple Store app.

Then, on your device, you’re going to go to the app store and then you click the ‘Play’ button, and then your Apple device will play the song.

It’s actually really easy to do, because when you put your iPhone into a music player, you’ll see a music list.

Then you just tap on any song and it’ll play.

It takes about two seconds to get started, but that’s really fast.

After you start, you can choose to listen to that song, or you can listen to another song.

If you like one of the songs, you just swipe over to that player and the song will start playing.

Then it’ll go on to another one.

It gets really repetitive pretty quickly.

So I just tried to stick to the ones that I was interested in.

Then I played “The Beatles” on my iPhone, and it just kept going.

And it started playing a different song on my iPod, and on my iPad, and that one was playing too.

I could tell that it was a good song, so I put it on my headphones and just kept playing.

It started playing on the iPad, but then I tried to play the same song on the iPhone.

And when I tried it on the iPod, it didn’t work.

So after that, I thought, I should try this on the Apple Music.

And after that I tried on both devices, and they both worked fine.

I think I’ll try this with the Apple Watch too, and see if that works.

Now, I don’t know if this works with other music players.

But I do know that Apple Music is the first app to work with both of these devices.

So this is something that you can try on your iPhone, your Apple Watch, your iPod, or just on any device that has an Apple Music or Spotify app.

Apple Music does all the heavy lifting.

It actually sends you a notification when you play a song, and you can do that right from your iPhone or the Apple Store, or on the watch.

And this is really cool, because you can also play the songs from any Apple Music album, or any music that’s been purchased.

I really love the fact that this is a really good way to try things that you might not have tried before.

But what’s really cool about Apple Music and this app is that it’s very easy to start.

It just requires that you have a music library that you want to listen, and if you do, you get a new song every time you play it.

And Apple has done a great job of making it really easy.

There are a lot of ways to listen in Apple Music, and there are a bunch of options for artists to customize their Apple Music playlist.

The only thing I really miss about music is that Apple doesn’t give you the option to set up custom playlists.

So if you have any favorite artists, for example, I can just type their name into the search bar and then I can start listening.

You can have a very curated music library with artists you love, and this makes it easy to just listen to your favorite songs without setting up your own custom playlist.

You don’t have to spend a lot more time than you already do in a music streaming service to try to get your favorite tracks to play on the Spotify app or on Apple Music if you don’t want to.

But in the end, Apple Music works great for me, because I like to listen and enjoy music.

So what can you do with Apple Music?

Here are some things you can play in Apple Pay to make it work better with your phone, iPhone, or Apple Watch.

Apple Pay allows you to make payments using your credit or debit cards.

And if you use Apple Pay on your phone or Apple Pay in your Apple Wallet app, you will get a payment receipt.

The payment receipt is a QR code that you scan, and the transaction is immediately sent to your Apple Pay account.

You just need to scan the QR code and then scan it again with your payment card.

You’ll get a confirmation number when you scan your card. This