How to make your own instrument – in two minutes

A couple of years ago, I was working on a project that involved making a simple guitar. 

I had to get the idea from scratch. 

The instrument was simple: two strings with a single pickup. 

And then, the next thing you know, I had a guitar that could play the entire epic instrumental music genre of jazz, classical, and folk music. 

What I really wanted to do was combine this simple guitar with a musical instrument that had the same kind of sound but with a much longer range of sound, which would allow me to produce music that was really deep, complex, and full of emotion.

So, that’s what I ended up doing. 

You see, the instrument is a guitar with three strings that’s about 3 inches in length and 2.5 inches in width. 

It has three pickups: one pickup that goes between the strings and one pickup on the top of the guitar that sits just behind the bridge. 

Each pickup is controlled by a switch on the front of the instrument. 

For instance, the guitar’s bridge pickup is tuned to E (which means E string). 

The pickup that sits behind the top-of-the-head string pickup is turned off, so that the bridge pickup can’t be turned up and the strings are still tuned. 

All the other pickups have a different tuning. 

So, in theory, the pickup that’s tuned to the highest note of a given song would be tuned to a particular pitch, whereas the pickup tuned to that note is tuned so that it sounds deep, but not so deep that you can’t tell which note it’s tuning to. 

As far as I can tell, there are about a dozen of these instruments on the market. 

These are really cool sounding instruments, but they are expensive. 

Because they are really expensive, there’s a whole range of musicians who prefer to play acoustic instruments instead of electric ones. 

To make this project possible, I needed to learn how to play these instruments. 

Fortunately, the musicians I met during my time at the Music Academy were very interested in learning how to do this. 

They offered to teach me, so I went to the Music Arts Academy.

The Music Academy is located in a small town near Jerusalem, in a village that has an international reputation. 

At the Music School, students can study the music of ancient and modern musicians from all over the world. 

In order to learn this music, students have to first acquire some skills that are important for musicians in their chosen field: the skills that enable them to play the instruments in their field of study. 

A few weeks ago, a group of musicians from Israel visited the Music Center to learn more about the instrument I was about to make. 

When I first met the musicians, they were interested in my idea. 

After all, they had been studying classical music for years. 

One of them, named Shai, had studied classical music as a kid, so he had a deep appreciation for the genre. 

He told me that he wanted to make his own guitar.

The musicians I invited to the program had all played classical instruments.

I asked them how they got interested in this type of music.

I got the following responses: One musician said he was interested in playing piano because he had learned to play in a band. 

Another musician said that he was fascinated by how music changes in the modern world.

The next question was about why the classical musicians wanted to learn these instruments, rather than other instruments.

I was surprised to learn that this type is very common in the United States, because many American musicians go into music as musicians. 

Finally, one of the musicians mentioned that he had been practicing guitar for years, and he thought he had the perfect instrument.

He said that one day he saw a YouTube video of a young violinist playing the instrument he was making. 

This young violin player was a young guy who had recently moved to Israel from America. 

Before I knew it, I knew what he wanted: to be a violinist in the American classical music scene. 

Although I had never heard of this young violin student, I decided to invite him to the class. 

During my time there, he came up with the idea to make a wooden guitar.

I got his guitar.

I showed him how to use a guitar.

He was impressed. 

We went to his studio to play with it. 

 I wanted to get it out there for him to learn the instrument and teach him the fundamentals. 

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do that, so we had to wait for a few weeks. 

However, during that time, I met a young musician from Israel who was very interested. 

On the morning of the trip to his place, I came to him with a box. 

“How much do you need for your guitar?”

I asked him.