The Musical Instruments of Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper has an unusual take on musical instruments. 

In an interview with the New York Times, Cooper describes his approach to musical instruments as a form of “romantic improvisation,” a style of music he created to play with his son, the son of the late Alice Cooper. 

“I used to play in a band and then my son wanted to learn to play piano, so we had this weird musical instrument thing that I made for him and his friend, and we played it to each other,” Cooper said.

“I said, ‘Okay, I’ve got this thing you can play, and I’m going to play it to you.'”

The music was a bit weird, he said, but it was also very good.

“There was one song that we played together, and then we would all go out and sing and play it and then I would get back to him and he would sing the same thing.” 

After Cooper’s death, his son bought him a guitar and set about building it.

“And then one day, it started to become this strange thing, and the music just got a bit too dark,” Cooper recalled.

“So we started putting in some light stuff, and that became this strange musical instrument.

I started playing it and my son was really enjoying it.

He was a very, very bright boy.” 

But he never intended to play the instrument, Cooper said, saying he was too busy playing the drums in a punk band.

“He wanted to play guitar and piano,” Cooper told the Times. 

And Cooper did, in fact, play the piano.

He told the newspaper he once told a friend he could play “a lot better than I can,” but it didn’t matter.

“My son was the best player I knew and I was the worst,” Cooper explained. 

When Cooper died, his sons decided to start a musical instrument project, the Musical Instruments Project, which eventually turned into the Musical Instrument Workshop. 

The musical instruments project has been around since 1985, and Cooper’s son, Michael, is currently working on it.

Cooper also made a video for his son’s new instrument called the P-Series.

“The P-series is actually a great example of the way that he used to do it,” Cooper added.

“When I play, I do it with my son in the background.

But I put the music in front of him and say, ‘Here’s what this is about.'”

The Musical Instruments Workshop has been active for the past few years, and has produced more than 200 instruments.

Cooper said that he believes the musical instruments work because they’re so hard to make and that it takes so long to make them.

“I’ve been very lucky in the past to be able to be in the position to make these instruments and I’ve had to work hard to do that,” Cooper continued.

“You can’t just go out to a shop and buy a guitar.

It’s just not a cheap thing.

It takes a long time, and it takes a lot of time to learn how to play these instruments.”

The Musical Instrument Project’s website has a lot more information about the history of the musical instrument, and a video of Cooper playing a P- series instrument can be seen below.