The Beatles song ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ is about the most beautiful people in the world

Beatles song Strawberry Fields Forever is about a group of beautiful people.

They are in a beautiful country.

It is a beautiful song.

They were in the country.

They love each other.

They sing about it.

The song was written in the summer of 1968 when they were in England for their 1966 tour.

The Beatles sang about how beautiful and amazing they were.

And this is the moment when you go to the people and say: Oh, I can’t believe you are beautiful.

This is the beautiful country you are.

That is how it felt to be a part of that world.

But it was also really, really, incredibly, emotionally devastating.

And that is why the song is very powerful.

Because the words have such a deep emotional resonance.

I feel so much pain, the pain of that feeling.

It hurts me.

It pains me so much.

It’s like a weight that you can’t even handle.

When you think of this song, it just feels like I am in the same place.

You know, I have to live with it.

It was so painful for me.

I cried a lot.

I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror, I was crying, I couldn´t even see myself.

So, you know, when I heard that song, I wanted to cry.

And I wanted it to be very loud and the same.

It´s really emotional.

I wanted everyone to hear it.

So we decided to write this song for people to hear and sing it and just give them that sense of happiness and the feeling of joy and love.

This song is about those beautiful people, they are in this country, they sing about these beautiful things.

It has a lot of emotion and it has a big emotional impact.

It brings tears to your eyes.

It just gives you a sense of peace and happiness and a sense that everything is going to be OK.

And we wrote the song and it is just amazing.

We wrote the lyrics, so the lyrics are so beautiful and so beautiful to listen to.

The lyrics are just incredible.

The words are beautiful, and then you hear the lyrics.

It doesn´t matter if you know the lyrics or not.

You just hear the words and you sing along with it, and you feel the emotion and you have the feeling that you have made this world.

And you just feel so happy and so proud of that.

The world is so beautiful, beautiful, wonderful.

I think you are in the best place in the universe to be.

And it is so powerful, it is powerful, you feel that, and it brings tears, and the feelings of joy, and a feeling of happiness.

And then you can see all the people in this world, in this beautiful world, and they all are singing about this song.

The songs are really, truly beautiful, they have a very, very powerful, emotional impact and I think that is what makes it so special.

We have so many people who are singing it now, it was amazing to listen, I am so glad to hear that.

We love it, we are very happy and very proud of it, but we also really need it.

We need it, because this song is so, so beautiful.

We just want to sing it to everybody, to everybody in the whole world, all the time, because it is a very beautiful song and we want to put that in their heads.

We want to give them the feeling.

The best place to be is in the beautiful, pure world.

The beautiful, good, happy, wonderful world.

Thats what we want.

And if we can do that, we really want it, you can hear it and you can feel it.

And thats why I want to do something for everybody in this moment and I love it when people say to me: We love this song!

We love the words.

We are so proud.

You have to sing this song to every one of them.

And even when they cry and they say: I cant sing, I cant be the best.

I dont know why.

I just cant.

I cannot be the one to sing the song to them, because thats so sad.

And they just want it so much, you have to have a feeling for this song and you just have to love it.

Its so, very, special.

And the song makes me so happy, because we have this song that is so wonderful, that is amazing and beautiful and beautiful to sing to people.

We had to sing that song.

And people say: Wow, you are so brave, youre so brave.

You sang that song for a reason, you sang it to the Beatles, you sung it to John Lennon.

And its a very special thing.

I love you so much and I wish you the best, you rock, you sing this beautiful song with us, and I want everyone to sing and to sing. We all