How to make the perfect calming instrumental music video

You know you want to make a soothing instrumental video when the music starts to fade out and the camera pans to a different perspective.

The trick is to make it so the background fades out and starts to fill up with some really nice ambient sounds.

You can do this by taking some of the ambient sounds and putting them in a folder, and then creating a folder called background, which you can use for whatever you need.

It doesn’t have to be a playlist, but it should be something that can be easily shared with your friends.

You can use any audio or video file you want, or use the audio file itself.

Here’s a quick video that will get you started.

The background fades in and out to reveal some of these nice ambient noises, so it’s a good idea to keep the background at around half the size of the video, so that you can see the ambient noises as they fade in and fade out.