What’s new on Spotify today

The most popular song on Spotify has been changed from “Cocaine Dreams” to “The Last Word.”

The song was originally released in February 2016.

In the video below, Spotify user ‘HawkMan’ describes how the change happened.

“The first time I saw it, it had a huge impact on me and I was really happy,” HawkMan said.

“I had just moved to Los Angeles and I thought, ‘Oh, this is a great song!’

And I went to a friend’s house, and it just blew my mind.”

In the past, when Spotify introduced a new song, it would change it with a short explanation.

Now, Spotify has a new section for new songs that says, “The new version will be available starting on January 5.”

In addition, Spotify also updated its website to display a new “song title,” “artist information,” and “artist details” when you tap on a song’s song title or artist info.

Spotify is also adding a new option for users to choose whether to view a song title, artist information, or artist details.

The change should be live soon.

HawkManchone is a native speaker of Spanish, English, and German.