The 10 Best Bollywood Songs of 2017

I am not a huge fan of Indian music. 

I can relate to a lot of the music that we are hearing in India, from kabab to  the likes of the Nanavati movie.

But it is important to know that the Indian music scene has grown in the last 15 years or so, and this growth has also been reflected in the films that we see on screens.

There is a lot going on in the industry, and the industry has come out of the ashes of the previous government. 

The new generation of Indian artists are also emerging, and they are very talented. 

It is a very exciting time for the music industry, because a lot more music is being made, and Indian audiences have an appetite for it. 

Bollywood’s best-selling album of 2017 has been by Bajrangi Bhaijaan, and its follow-up, the Bjarni Bhayani album, has sold over 1.6 million copies in India alone. 

For this year’s festival season, Indian cinema is looking to make a name for itself in the world of cinema, and Bollywood is no exception. 

If you want to watch some Bollywood movies, or you want to see a film on the big screen, then there are lots of options to choose from. 

So, here are the 10 best Bollywood music instruments from 2017 that I am personally excited to see played in the theatres.

In the video above, I am featuring Bollywood’s most popular songs from across the genres of music, with a full list of songs coming soon. 

A great soundtrack for Bollywood movie fans, BHOPAL is a romantic comedy in which a young boy named Dharamshala meets an older man named Kishore, who has his own musical instrument. 

Watch Bhagwan Bajrang’s Bhopal on Netflix Here are the 10 Best Bhopal Music Instruments of 2017 Here is an overview of Bollywood cinema’s latest film Poonam in which Dharampal (Bhaichandra Pulwana) appears as the protagonist. 

Read more about Bollywood: Bohini is a dance-based musical  instrument that originated in the 19th century, which was also popularized in India during the 20th century. 

According to Bollywood, it is an instrument of great power that can create love and harmony. 

Pavoor is a kumbhaka, or a musical instrument that is made from various pieces of wood. 

There are many different types of pavoor in India and it is used in many different dances. 

One of the best dance-specific pavoor is the mantra dance, which involves playing the song Bagli Baghavam or Bhiwadi Kuchh (The Love Song) to the accompaniment of various instruments, as well as the sound of the strings and a drum. 

In Bollywood films, Bollywood artists often use music to convey feelings of love, affection, and intimacy. 

Here, Bhojpuri star Priyanka Chopra uses music to express her love for her boyfriend, Rahul, and to get him to embrace her. 

As the song goes on to say, you will see how love can come from nothing. 

 Watch the Bollywood film Bhojpura on Netflix Watch Bhoppuri on Netflix here. 

Kishore is a musician and singer who was a part of the famed Keshav Bhaijaan family, which includes the legendary Mahabharata playwright Ramanujan Roy and Prakash Nawaz. 

He was also an alleged Pankaj Mishra-style dancer and was married to actress Sonia Pratap Gopalakrishnan. His song, Pancham is one of the most famous Bollywood songs, and is often used as a theme song in movies and television shows. Check out Kashmir on YouTube Here’s a very intense Bopam song from Bhangra, another Bhuj play. 

Listen Kushyapuram on Spotify Watch Kushyalapurams on SoundCloud Here we have Bharambheera a Brahmin family featuring Akshay Kumar and Vijay Prabhu, who both have a music background. 

They are also known for their machinist-like mood