Spanish instrumental music instrument ‘used for music’ is trending online

Electronic music instruments are gaining popularity online with people using them to make music.

But there are a few pitfalls with using them, and the Spanish instrument used in the viral video of an 18-year-old girl performing the Mexican national anthem was made by a non-Spanish-speaking artist.

“It’s the instrument used by a Spanish national.

And it’s made by an American,” a video clip shows a man speaking with an interpreter and saying that the instrument is made by “someone who can’t speak Spanish.”

The Spanish instrument, dubbed “The Spanish” by Spanish-language website El País, was made at the same factory in the northern Mexican city of Iguala that has produced and sold more than 1,200 instruments for more than a century.

In a post on the website last week, El País said it was “surprised and surprised” by the video and said it would investigate further.

But it wasn’t the first time an instrument has been used to create music online.

The popular video “The American Bandstand” of 2016 used a string instrument made by American music artist Eric Clapton, a musician who lived in Los Angeles.

The video featured Claptons band The National and featured an excerpt from his hit song “American Girl.”

Claptont, whose real name is Eric Clavette, also performed in other videos and videos posted on social media, according to his website.

The instrument, made by Italian company Piatra, was the inspiration for the viral clip and was used in a music video for a hip-hop song called “Cinco De Mayo.”

In the video, a Mexican man who was wearing a shirt with a Mexican flag on it and a Mexican band playing “Coco De Mayo” on a portable amplifier is seen sitting in front of the camera with the instrument, which is a guitar.

“Cino De Mayo”, which translates to “Good to go” in Spanish, was released in 2018 by the hip-hoppy band Piatras de la Mágica.

The guitar in the video was later used in an episode of “The Office” where a man sits in front a laptop computer, reading a magazine.

The company has not responded to a request for comment.