How to make your own weird musical instruments

The Times Of India has unearthed a collection of weird musical instrument designs, including some that could be used in the production of a new film.

The magazine says it is the first time such unusual instruments have been discovered in Italy.

The instruments include a brass piano, a brass harmonica, a string instrument, a flute, a clarinet and a harp.

“These instruments were invented by Italian artists and the creators of this project are hoping that the public will take a closer look at them,” said Maria Pascale Cattaneo, the editor-in-chief of the magazine.

The collection is being made available to the public by the Italian Academy of Sciences in the hope of attracting interest in the instruments.

CattaneOssetta, a composer, arranger and composer of modern music, has also created a collection called “Cheap Musical Instruments” to raise funds for his daughter’s university studies.

The articles was commissioned by the Art Institute of Milan and is part of the Italian Cultural Heritage.

“Cheap musical Instruments” is the name of the collection.

“The Art Institute has a rich history in the arts of Italy, and this collection will open new perspectives and inspire the generation of students,” the magazine said.