Epic instrumental music: Chimes musical instruments with bells and whistles

Musical instruments are getting a lot more complicated, and the latest to hit the market is a musical instrument called the Chimes Musical Instrument.

The Chimes comes in two versions: a single-coil model and a two-coils model.

The two-tone model, which costs $2,699, comes in three colors: gold, blue and red.

It’s made of steel, but can also be made of aluminum or even aluminum alloy.

The chimes are also made of nylon.

The device comes with a cord and a string that connects to the chimes.

The Chimes is an electric device, but there’s no battery to charge it.

It can play one to eight notes simultaneously and is said to be very easy to learn and tune.

The device also comes with an interactive web app for users to learn more about the Chime.

The chimes is the brainchild of music composer and musician Scott Horsley, who’s also known for his role in “The Hangover.”

The band performed the song “I Got It” at the 2014 Grammy Awards, and it was a hit.

The makers of the Chices website also offer a demo version of the device that features a built-in sound engine, which can be used to make a song.

The company said that they are planning to expand the device and will release a standalone version for $2.99, and that they’re planning to add more chimes as the company scales up production.