‘Bass Hero’ Music Instrument Sets Off Music Festival Boom

BASS HERO, Texas (AP) “The bass music instruments are the hottest thing,” says the founder of a small Texas music-and-entertainment festival that was created in response to the recent music-festival shootings.

“You just don’t see that anymore.”

The Bass Hero Music Festival is part of a movement by artists and musicians to make music accessible to the general public, and its founder, Jeff Fagan, says his passion for the instrument started in college when he was forced to play a small guitar he had built for himself in his dorm room after a friend died.

Fagan and his wife, Joanne, have been working with local artists, including bassist Justin Jackson and singer-songwriter Lauren Brown, to create an accessible festival that they hope will become a destination for people from all walks of life.

They are planning for more than a dozen artists to perform and showcase their music at the festival, which will take place Aug. 18-21.

“We’re trying to bring the art back to the masses,” Fagan said.

“We’re hoping to help people feel like they’re part of the music and art scene again.”

Fagan said Bass Hero is the result of years of research and discussions with local musicians.

It started with a couple of friends at a local music festival, and over the years it grew into a more formal festival, with a more focused focus on artists, bands and performers.

Fisheries and Wildlife Management officials are helping fund the festival.

They’re also helping Fagan with the costs of the event.

Fagans wife, Joan, works as a volunteer at Bass Hero, which aims to help artists reach their full potential and create music that is accessible to people who otherwise might not be interested in the music.

Joanne, who is a freelance photographer, said Bass Heroes goals are to help local musicians become better musicians and to bring more artists to the festival and beyond.

“There’s so many people out there that are just not listening to music, but we want to show them that they can,” she said.

Fagin said he started Bass Hero in the spring of 2013 after he had a friend who was shot and killed in the parking lot of the concert venue where he was working as a security guard at the time.

He said the incident inspired him to take a different approach to security, one that helped him better understand the importance of being able to perform safely at music festivals.

“I just thought, if I can’t make it to the concert, I’m not going to make it in this world,” Fagin said.