Artist reveals unusual musical instrument as inspiration for his new album

The singer/songwriter/producer/producers’ songwriting team behind the “Weird Al” Yankovic project “The Way I Am” is using a rare musical instrument to express their feelings.

In a video released by the team last week, frontman Nick Olivera (aka Nick Pizzolatto) uses a piece of brass, a stringed instrument with a thin, curved neck, to sing “I Have a Dream” as the title of his upcoming album, “We Are Strange.”

He describes the instrument in the video as a “strange instrument” that he “loves.”

It sounds like something you’d hear at a jazz club, but it’s not really.

It’s a weird, unusual, very weird instrument, which I love.

It just reminds me of the music of the world that I grew up in, the stuff that I was listening to.

It was a very powerful thing to be able to be in that space, and it’s just something I think that you can sing about in a song.

The video, which Olivera co-wrote with composer Eric Cressey, is the first time he’s publicly shared his musical inspiration.

He says in the song’s description that it “calls to mind the feeling I get when I hear a song like ‘We Are Weird.'”

The band members also shared their music-making process in a video Olivera created.

In the video, Olivera says, “The way I do things, I try to do it with the intention of finding new things to explore, to experiment with different ways of putting things together and exploring new things.”

He says the song “is about how we’ve all been in this strange place where we’re just constantly being told to do something, and then, at the end of the day, we never get a chance to really do it.”

The musicians also shared some music from the album, including the opening track, “Glow in the Dark,” and an extended version of “We Need to Talk About Kevin,” which they recorded and mixed in London.

The band has also shared the title track and the song from the video “We’re Strange” as bonus material on their website.

The album is set for release on April 7.